28 June 2007

me and danny glover, we're too old for this shit...

date. it's a funny word. it's an even funnier event. it was fun, unexpected, but fun. i went to dsm for the original purpose of getting my tattoo but the artist i wanted to do it is booked until 1800 on saturday. he called, said he wanted to see me. i stopped looking at fish at the fish store to meet him on the south side at my favorite authentic mexican restaurant where we had dinner (i hella love chicken nachos) and then we went to a movie. good movie but for the record, knocked up is not a great date movie. eh, i like this guy okay. he drives a ford, which i have moral issues with, but what can i do?

danny glover has had it up to here with dating. fuck it.

the pella public library honks me off. i'm hijacking internet from them and they won't let me check my myspace. wtf? it's public for god's sake. ugh. leave it to pella... they can suck my nut.

i applied for a job that i want. except it's a little bit away and i'm not sure how the logistics of it would work. ironically, other people i know are applying for jobs in the same area. how weird is that?

i spent the afternoon with nigel and the kids yesterday. that was enough to make me freaking crazy. i love her and i adore her kids, but holy crap they were on my last nerve. i don't know how people do it. i don't know how my mom did it. we were assholes when we were growing up; it's a wonder she still has any sanity at all. we're still assholes, just ask her. :) but my time spent with nigel and the kids just reinforced the idea that i am never having children. i don't have the patience. and perhaps that comes with the "kid package", i'm not sure. maybe the kid comes out with a set of instructions on how to download things like patience and selflessness off the internet. maybe there's a cd-rom and installation instructions for how to install a kid into your life. because at this juncture, kids sure aren't fitting into mine. and honestly, that's okay. i'm down with that. some people aren't meant to have kids and i think i'm in that population. i love other people's kids, i love the kids in my family, i just don't want any of my own.

and i get tired of people asking, looking at me like i've grown a second head just because i've managed to make it out of my mid-20s and into my late-20s and not have produced a few pups. in all honesty, i tend to think the world is too crowded as it is. who am i to burden the planet with another mouth to feed? if i were ever to change my mind about the whole "kid" thing, i think i'd adopt. find a kid that someone else didn't want and love it like it was my own - the idea of unloved kids is kind of like unloved cats at the rescue league: it's not their fault and it's just not right. :(

but that's a little heavy for a thursday afternoon at the whippy dip. i'm going to go eat ice cream and watch espn news.

superjanel OUT.

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