14 June 2007

don't ped on the sofa

if you like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain... but no one would sing with me!

oh my goodness. last night was the slumber party and it was the bestest ever. pizza, margaritas, pina coladas, lemon drop shots, lawn ornaments, jack d., and talladega nights. the bestest. we didn't watch the movies we rented, but they looked nice sitting on the dining room table. and we bought fancy glasses at the pamider and whipped up some of the yummiest, frothiest pina coladas you've ever seen. it was fantabulous.

the pool part of the evening was sort of a bust - although i got to tour the inside of the good doctor's house and i have loved that house for years. drinking commenced at 1830, and i have photographic evidence of that. it only got better from there... we took a walk down 7th street where we encountered an angry russian with a yard sign that made nigel "ped" her pants, everyone tried on nigel's wedding dress after i got stuck in it, the mushroom, and harassing snackmaster bob via text message. we're stupid, i know, but it was a wonderful time. it kept nigel from missing her kiddos too much and shona from being scared of the dark. and it kept me from being bored, because a bored janel is a dangerous janel...

nigel drank well into the night, and i tried to accompany her but couldn't keep up. it ended up working to my advantage - i had company. reent - er, kyle made an appearance after work and gave nigel his awful orange fishing hat, which she wore for hours. i'm not 100 percent sold on any type of relationship, friends or otherwise, with kyle. he has commitments with which i'm not comfortable but i also feel it's not my responsibility to work on other people's relationships. i guess i like him in a "friend" kind of way; i don't know where i stand and i really don't care. but as long as we're both satisfied with what's happening then it's okay, right? i just hope nigel is not correct; i don't need those kind of hangups.

i was up until 0500 this morning and i'm operating on about 3.5 hours of sleep. i'm a little sleepy tonight but also a little wired; not really wanting to do anything but not wanting to do nothing. my weekend sounds like fun; we're continuing our 5-day bender tomorrow and saturday with special plans for saturday, thanks to that one girl that goes to inu, you know the school with the purple and gold? dumbass...

generally, this kind of behavior would raise eyebrows among family members but i think that the fam is just happy i didn't go to my peace corps interview today. have no fear, i'm rescheduling for next month. :)

i also made plans for the 4th of july - i'm heading to charlotte to veg with libbeth and the kids, and ryan, if he's well. i haven't seen her in years. i feel like i should diet. but i won't. i'm leaving the 3rd and coming back on the 8th; last flight in to dsm on united which is cancelled about 50 percent of the time - i ought to get a free trip out of this or something. i love revenue travel.

i have laundry in the washer, i should take care of that so i can snooze.

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