24 June 2007

i don't like when juice wears tights

this weekend was the toga party. i've been looking forward to this for a month, at least. i was going to wear spiderman bed sheets but instead i found a red, swirly fabric on a last minute trip to the fabric store. and skanky toga shoes with four inch heels. i danced for hours and managed not to fall or injure myself - no joke. i consider this a small personal victory; if you know me at all you know i can barely walk without injuring myself in slippas.

check those babies out. i am hot shit.

togas, in all their simplicity, are kind of expensive. but i think that was due to all the accessories: earrings and bracelets and ropes and tassels and crap. and because they look like they're just wrapped up, you'd think they don't take much time or thought. lies. togas are complex and time consuming, unless you want your boobies popping out and making personal appearances. i don't roll that way. so i was safety pinned to the hilt. and in addition to wrapping, there is knotting and twisting and draping. togas are not easy. but they are fun.

but it was a great night; our togas put everyone else's to shame. snackmaster bob was crowned toga king '07. it was awesome. none of my boys were there but i had a spectacular and meaningful conversation with the baseball player i've been trying to get to know for about six months. (he's adorable.) and i got to know everyone's favorite dj a little better as well as my favorite bartender. later i talked kyle into coming to see me after he got done working, mohawk and all. he makes me laugh.

it's been a weird week. i met a guy last weekend; he's okay. he's sort of arrogant and kind of an asshole, at least that's what he wants me to think, but i like him okay (i always seem to pick the ones that don't lack for confidence). we've been out a couple times, met up in town when everyone is out and about. he sort of flits back and forth between here and the big city for work so seeing him is sort of sporadic and on short notice. we've both made it clear that we're not really interested in anything exclusive but he calls all the time, for no other reason than to chat.

had lunch with my dad and stepmummy today. both roberto and jorge were there, along with jorge's gf. i saw my dad more often when he lived 3000 miles away. it was a good time, lunch was good, but my stepmummy isn't much for entertaining, so anytime anything was not up to her "standards" (which only appear when she has company, by the way) she apologized over and over. i finally told her to shut up, everything was fine. she's good for my dad, but she can make me nuts in a very short period of time. she was a little irritated that i didn't want dessert, but ever since the whole pineapple upside down cake episode, i like to turn down her desserts just to be difficult.

my brother's gf had the opportunity to meet gene simmons yesterday at the iowa speedway. she had no idea who he was, she's heard of kiss, kind of, but does not know any of their music. i about peed down my leg when she told me that. she also told me that danica patrick was a huge stuck up bitch. this did not make me pee down my leg.

i'm going to go veg in front of the tv. i wish my dvd player worked up here; i've been craving some spaceballs action lately. oh well. i'm operating on three hours of sleep and i wouldn't make it all the way through it anyway. gnite. :)

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