03 June 2007

cold, shiny, hard plastic... i know, right?

i wrote like a crazy person in the month of may. and for some reason i can't seem to find my groove in june, or at least so far. one opinion on this is that i'm away from the drama and therefore i'm calmer and my life is calmer. i think that's probably partially true. my current "roommates" are certainly more calm than my last one. (roberto, that is funny.) but life has not slowed down much - at least not as of yet.

last friday afternoon i went to targhetto (target on the south side). i had a few wares to purchase and was standing in line waiting to check out. there was a kid in front of me - he looked to be about 10 years old. the targhetto employee was about 160 years old with a smoker's cough to rival jack palance and a face to match. the kid tossed up a box of condoms for her to ring up, very nonchalantly, like he was a pro at this (or that, whatever). i thought she was going to have a stroke. her face turned purple and she started stuttering and sputtering - she was so unnernved she didn't even offer him his god-given right to 10 percent savings by signing up for a targhetto card. i about cracked up. i don't generally condone preteens having sex but you had to kind of admire the unabashed way he took care of his business. i know adults that aren't able to behave that way.

jack palance: he craps bigger than you. and don't you forget it.

and then on the way out, i saw that he and his friends were blowing them up and throwing them at girls - really perverted balloons.

last friday i also met a "friend" (friend in the sense that i'd known this person for about 12 minutes prior to having lunch together) for coffee slash lunch. it was a complete and total bust and i'll tell you why: it doesn't matter how you describe yourself, people are going to percieve you as they want to. think about it: is anyone really who they say they are? i think that most people describe themselves in the most positive light, emphasizing their positives and downplaying their negatives, but that's only the way you *think* you are. upon meeting a new person, regardless of how wonderful they think they may be, you're left with your own perception which may or may not take into consideration the qualities they think are their fine points.

for example, my lunch with igor on friday. he obviously thought he was something special, a sensitive soul, an artist, a music aficionado, blah, blah, blah. but do i use any of those qualities when describing the same person? ha. hardly. he failed to mention beady, scary eyes and googley goldfish lips and a pair of really bad shoes.

which leads me to another question: am i that superficial?

eh, yes and no. yes, because obviously, i'm a little hung up in the looks department. but it's not hardly fair to call that being superficial because the way a person looks and presents him or herself is the first thing you see, the first thing you notice. people can't help but be superficial, to a degree. but i can also say no, because i'm tired of artsy, sensitive people - people who are offended by my opinions and bluntness aren't people i want to spend time with.

i also do not have time for those that have a "realistic" plan for world domination.


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