11 June 2007

ooh, ooh, pick me!

so yesterday i was at the super-fantastico-gigantor mall. errands. i actually didn't buy a single thing for myself, if you can believe it. no, i lie. i had an iced mocha. i'm a liar. sorry. anyway. i'm at the mall. i've completed my errands. i'm in the parking lot, looking for my car, which always stresses me out because i purposely park next to trees in the parking lot and then when i get out i realize that all the trees look exactly the same. remember that scene in edward scissorhands where the neighborhood is shown, and all the houses and cars look alike? yeah, at the super-fantastico-gigantor mall they have trees that would fit into this neighborhood because they all look exactly the same and this keeps me from finding my car in a timely matter. that and there are 53 bazillion cars that look just like mine and they're all at the fucking mall at the same fucking time. so. i look and look and look for my car. as i'm searching, one of wdm's finest turns a 180 and pulls up behind this suv and out climbs the most adorable police officer i have ever seen. i walked by the "accident" about three times, and not really just to look at him, i was looking for my fucking car. but if they're looking like that in wdm, i want to get pulled over.

and that is the point of this story.

just in case you were wondering, yes, i found my car. and yes, it was parked next to a tree.

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