06 June 2007

do i look like a pirate to you?

i think my mom is trying to tell me something. i came home tonight to find the channel set to a random dateline-esque show chronicling some hapless lassie who'd been lopped into pieces by a man she'd met on the internet.

hmmm.... you'd think if she wanted to tell me to stop watching random dateline-esque shows she'd just come out and say it.

i had the most enlightening conversation with my soon-to-be-ex-boss's daughter today. the daughter is five.
superjanel: how are you today [boss's daughter]?
boss's daughter: i'm good. i have a boyfriend.
sj: you do? you're only five. i don't even have a boyfriend.
bd: but i know who your boyfriend used to be.
[she actually does know him and used to have a crush on him. poor girl.]
sj: you're only five. how do you know that?
bd: because he used to be my boyfriend too. but i broke up with him.
sj: you're only five. i don't think he can be your boyfriend. so why'd you break up with him?
bd: [insert really dramatic sigh here] he's too old for me. and i haven't seen him forever.
sj: yeah, he was too old for me too. you can have him.
bd: i don't want him. i have another boyfriend now.
sj: you're only five. holy crap, i don't even have another boyfriend yet.
bd: [laughs hysterically. apparently the fact that she's moved on and i haven't is really funny.]
yet another reason i'm not having kids anytime soon. they're all big meanie smart asses.

my new threadless shirts came today. well, some of them. i love me a $10 shirt sale, especially at threadless. they're the bestest. at least they were until i dropped taco on my new yellow one at dinner. i am such a slob.

i have an interview scheduled with the peace corps next week. i have to drive to minneapolis. i'm trying to recruit someone to go with me and keep me company on my drive - any takers? i'm an excellent driver... :)

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