07 June 2007

let's just go walking in the rain

lazy day. i'm writing this from bed. i haven't even made an attempt to get up or get around this morning. it's a wonderfully lazy day, because it's cloudy and windy and i think it's going to rain. in fact, we're in a severe weather watch for tornadoes and such.

how exciting. maybe i'll buy some galoshes. i've always wanted some galoshes... but i'd probably buy incredibly cute galoshes (like the j.crew wellies with the whales on them - oh how i want those!) and then i wouldn't want to wear them in the rain for fear of getting them muddy and dirty, which is the point of wearing them, i understand, but i'm sort of funny that way. then i'd be wearing them on sunny days and rainless days and people would wonder all sorts of funny things about me, more than they already do and i'd be known as "the girl who wears galoshes on perfectly sunny, 90-degree days" and my feet would be sweaty and ucky and you know what? i'm just going to leave the whole idea of galoshes behind. i'm obviously not ready for such a commitment.

but i'm not going to wear my new shoes in the rain.

speaking of new shoes, did i ever show you my new shoes? oh, they're lovely. do have a gander.

aren't they just spectacular? the janel does not wear these in the mud. or the rain. or in any fucking rose gardens, you hear me? people who do not respect the new, clean shoes are not friends of mine. ugh!

today i'm going to the big city. i have a few errands to run, some shopping to do. i wanted to get my haircut, but i'm going to have to hold off on that until sunday, when my favorite hair person in the whole wide world can work me into her busy schedule. i may come back with long, dark, wonderfully curly hair. or i might just buzz it all off, a la america's favorite wackjob britney spears.

what do you think?

but i do hope it rains. i like driving in the rain. (i'm an excellent driver. just ask the iowa state patrol and the department of transportation. i get written commendations on my driving all the time!) and the rain will take care of my absolutely filthy car, because i think car washes are a waste of money. unless it's that car wash in pleasant hill, the aromatherapy one. that one makes me happy about the fact that i just spent 12$ on a drive-thru car wash because it smells like oranges and bubble gum.

you know, j.crew does have the best flip flops in the world. and i do have exceptionally adorable toes complete with cherry crush nail polish... hmm. perhaps i'll go to west big city and find new flip flops. i heart flip flops.

but flip flops plus rain equal janel on her arse in the parking lot.

maybe not such a good idea...

alright. i'm off. toodles, dolls! :)

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