21 June 2007

honey, you need a drink.

i didn't stay overnight with my aunt. i'm feeling pretty crappy - my throat is sore and my neck really hurts, so i came home so i could sleep in my bed with my pillows and my blankets. (it's not really my bed, it's just the bed i've been sleeping in since i've been here. my bed is 42 miles away in a storage facility - one of two storage facilities i have filled with crap. i miss my bed.) i'm not feeling any better. i think i have meningitis. no, not really. i just saw a commercial for that the other day. it's a cold. and my neck hurts for several reasons but it's getting better.

this morning my alarm started alarming and i couldn't find my phone to turn it off. i could hear it, it was close, but i couldn't find it. so i listened to it "ding dong...ding dong...ding dong" for a good five minutes before it stopped. but that's okay. big kitty decided to have a hairball attack at the same time so i had to push him off the bed mid-heave so he wouldn't yak on me. and then i had to move stuff off the floor so he wouldn't yak on my stuff. and then i sort of felt bad for kicking him off the bed while he was sick, so i had to make sure that he was okay. but as i was sitting on the floor i found my phone and the cat didn't yak, it was just a false alarm, so all is well in the janel-dom. and thanks for your concern.

yesterday i drove to galesburg to take my cousin home. well, technically, a little beyond galesburg, but who's keeping track? i felt bad taking her home, i kind of felt a little pawned off, like no one else wanted to take responsibility for making sure she got home and no one else wanted to be the bad guy that took her away from her boyfriend. so now when she thinks about the trip ending and how much she misses him, she's going to think of me being the one that drove her away. awesome. i've been where she is, it just sucks. but when your family moves away, what can you do? she's only 16 and still in high school so she doesn't have very many options. but she's convinced that this is the "one" even though this is the only one she's ever had and ever known. but she can't be told otherwise at this point so i just leave it alone.

the trip over wasn't bad; she was quiet but i understood. i tried to keep her entertained with my usual retarded antics and anecdotes. we stopped in galesburg for a 5$ psychic reading, which turned into a 20$ palm reading. have you ever had your palm read? i hadn't either. it was this young bosnian chick named lilliana wearing a totally ghetto teal chanel tank top and a super long denim skirt that was unbuttoned enough that her hoohaa was hanging out. we sat at the table in her dining room that was painted whorehouse red and this yappy little dog named button or jasper or something would not shut up. not quite the psychic setting i'd imagined, but whatever.

don't write me off as one of those people that believes in this kind of thing. i'm not... really. but i wanted to see if she would offer specifics or just generalizations. she gave me a little bit of both. she said that i would not die tragically but i will die between the ages of 85 and 91. she said that my social life is hectic and that i should be more careful in trusting people, because someone is talking nice to my face and talking bad behind my back. she said i'm missing someone, someone who is no longer in my life, but that the spirit of this person is watching me and guiding me. she mentioned that i will find a new position or get a raise or promotion in my job (ha) within two to three weeks and that i need to stop being so negative about my life, it's holding me back. and she said i will marry and have two, possibly three, children and that my current living arrangements, while not ideal, will improve within a couple months. OH! and she said that the longterm overseas travel that i've been interested in will work out, as long as i'm patient, which is something else that she says i need to work on.

interesting, eh? i don't hold much stock in it, but it was fun. so mom, you can rest easier: my psychic says i'm going to get a real job and move out soon. :) but i did interrogate several people yesterday to find out if they were the ones that were talking bad about me. nigel says it's not her, and nick says it's not him, but i knew that already because he has nothing nice to say to my face. :P that was about as far as i got with my interrogations before i got bored. like i give a shit what people are saying about me?

i should go. i have other things to say but i have to go to the whippy dip and sling some ice cream. yess...

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