03 June 2007

isn't a six hour nap just called sleeping?

i wonder if i'll be able to sleep this evening. i took a six hour nap this afternoon but the application of the word nap just seems unnecessary. i think that's just called sleeping. in which case i may be fucked for obtaining any sleep tonight.


my sleep patterns have been screwy since i didn't get home until 0430 on friday night. or saturday morning, depending on whether you're a glass half full/half empty sort of folk. friday night was fun - new crowd, new place. nigel and i went to the big city in order to have my beautiful piercer boy biff put a new hole in my nose. since i don't really have a job, or at least one with facial jewelry stipulations, i figured there was no time like the present. we had dinner at the olive garden and had planned on going back to the raging metropolis of c-town for a crappy band at our favorite bar.

plans changed: snackmaster bob's brother called and asked us to go with him and some friends out to the big city's premiere gay nightclub, if you believe the advertising fairies. okay, we're up for that. we turn around (several times), meet up with the brother and his crew and head out. drinks are expensive but nigel manages to make money on her first one and after that, they're on a girl we're hanging with because if her girlfriend finds out she has money, she'll be busted. (i don't really know why or what that means but i'll let her buy me a drink.) it's latino night: the music is awesome, with the exception of avril lavigne in espanola which just pisses me off, there are dozens of half-naked mexicans and more straight couples than i'd imagined. and contrary to recent popular belief, i did not find myself a girlfriend. or a boyfriend. i just want to clear that up.

somehow i ended up not drinking, if you can imagine such a thing. it was too hot and i was just not in the mood. but this ended up working out for the piss-drunk hairdresser who was not able to walk across the street nor drive her car. i watched people pee in the street and fall out of vehicles and back at our "homebase" on the east side i watched an interesting product display which included a ceiling fan and a manilla envelope, both with negative results. after that, it was just time to go. the night could not have gotten any funnier or weirder.

but i just want to take this moment to apologize to anyone that i have been belligerant with, yelled at, puked on, cried on, or refused to go home with at the designated time. because now that i've been the DD, those people fucking suck. however, will that stop me from drinking? no. but i just wanted to toss that out there.

so tonight was the next-to-last episode of the sopranos. and i'm not going to spoil it for you, i don't play that way, but holy crapola, can you believe this? i don't want it to end, i'm sad, i love tony soprano. i'm almost afraid to watch the last episode.
perhaps you've seen entourage? then you know who this guy is. he's my future significant other.

after the sopranos there is this neat little show, perhaps you've heard of it? entourage? yeah, i'm seinfelding my way into this one as well, meaning that i'm catching on way after it's cool. but i don't care. because i'm in love with adrian grenier. i only dig facial hair on a few people, but adrian grenier is one of them. he and mr. wantland's son. :D

okay. i'm going to go watch tv and zone out and try to sleep. smooches to you!

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