15 June 2007

the blender is lonely.

friday night. i should already be on my way to nigel's but i'm running a bit behind. i feel good about the apology i offered today; you never know if the person on the receiving end feels as nice as you do, since obviously you've done something to offend. but that was something that i'd been thinking about pretty much since it happened. it's not fair to pass judgement nor to abandon someone in a time of vulnerability. i'd done both. i won't be surprised if my offering isn't accepted wholeheartedly, but it feels better to know i at least attempted.

tonight... well i'm not sure what's going on tonight. we're supposed to go to a softball game and then it's sort of open. our saturday plans sort of fell through because nobody wants to get the golden school girl in any sort of trouble and that plan was just asking for trouble. we're exploring alternate options though and we should be back on track shortly, albeit most likely at the gay bar with the one really drunk annoying (straight) chick but whatever. unless tractor comes through, but i hear he lacks for follow through.

it's hotter than holy crizzap today. we sold some ice cream but in weather like this eating it just about makes you sick. or at least it about makes me sick. but it didn't stop me from eating it - but i'm not feeling the greatest.

i hear the blender is lonely with over 24 hours of non-use. i believe we'll remedy the situation this evening. yum...

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