05 June 2007

i'm on a pilgramage to see a moose

oh how i love the whippy dip...

i thought today was going to be a day off. not so much. jorge has a back injury (old football injury? no, dork fell out of a truck a few years ago.) and he has aggravated this injury at his real job, leaving him unable to work his second job. that's where i come in. so today i'm going to cover for jorge.

no worries. it just means i don't have to scavenge for lunch later on. plus, i'm working with t-bone and roberto, so it can't be all bad.

i've created this 100-song playlist on my ipod. i thought this would be a good thing - my ipod will randomly choose songs to play at will and i won't be stuck listening to the same artist over and over. pshaw. my ipod has apparently lost its randomness and is just playing what it wants to hear, again and again. so in spite of the fact that there are 96 other songs to listen to, i'm listening to the same four songs by the killers over and over. wtf is that all about?

song of the week: ooh la by the kooks

it's a lovely tune. and i'd get to listen to it if my ipod weren't cracking out this week.

okay, off to put clothes in the dryer (cuz we can't work at the whippy dip nekkid) and take a shower (cuz we can't work at the whippy dip smelly).


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