01 March 2007

obviously, you're not a golfer.

i woke up this morning to the sound of running water. not the usual fishtank sound, because i wasn't at home. i stayed in the dutch village last night and i slept on roberto's hideous, yet oddly comfortable seafoam green sofa. no, this morning, i woke up to the running of the toilet. (not at all similar to the running of the bulls.) apparently it ran all night long. so as soon as i got up and peed and flushed, his landlord came running down the steps to see if she could wake him up to check on his toilet. and she did. she checked on his toilet and overtook his bathroom. i was lucky i got to brush my teeth before i left for job #2. she's scary. i'd want to move too if i were him. nothing like a big scary wannabe bull-dyke in sweatpants at your door bright and early before you can put in your contacts. yikes.

job #2. it's back to being job #2 again. that's kind of nice. now if i could only get paid, not by job #2, but just in general. but that seems to go hand in hand with working and i guess i need to do more of that before they want to give me a paycheck.

dad. my dad got out of the hospital today. he's home now. test results came back inconclusive, which is sort of what he expected. he says he's feeling a little better, not quite as woozy. he's eating, drinking, walking, talking - full range of motion. i feel better about this, i just wish he didn't live so far out in bfe and so far away from civilization and his hospital.

gram. my gram's not doing so well. she has to have survery again tomorrow, i'm not sure what time, to repair the artery and the surrounding muscle. again. she's been so severely mistreated by the doctor, he's refused to see her on several occasions, which i think is completely asinine. she looked perfectly awful last night, it just makes me sad. i worry about her.

as far as my bar fight... i called the edbq pd this evening and spoke with the officer handling my case. justine has two more days to return the officer's voicemails and then the case goes to the illinois state attorney without any sort of statement from him, which is just another plus in my column. aggravated battery in the state of illinois is a class 3 felony, which is punishable by a fine up to 25,000$ and 2 to 5 years in a state penitentary.

sucks to be him. hehehe...

what else? we're smack dab in the middle of lent, boys and girls. and even though i'm not a practicing catholic (hell, technically, i'm not even catholic - yet), i'm observing lent this year. so what have i given up for 40 days and 40 nights? drinking. and maybe arbys, i'm not sure. but definitely drinking. so i have 36 more days of this. lent doesn't include sundays (sonsabitches!) and ends on maundy thursday, which is the day before good friday. i'm going to have a maundy thursday and a great friday. :D

but not now, because now i'm going to bed.

i'm tired.

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