28 March 2007

somebody stop me.

baxter, if you're reading, consider yourself lucky. you've never been drunk dialed, or at least not by me. generally by now it's a weekly occurrence and one that i have to apologise for.

i don't know if i'm apologising for not calling or not drunk dialing. i'd love to call you and tell you what i really think and what i really want, but my conscience won't let me. trust me, you'd love to talk about what i really want...

i like to think i'm too strong, too good, too smart for that.

i don't know if that's the case. maybe it's just pride, maybe i'm just shy...

me? shy?

whatever. shut your mouth, you dirty pirate hooker.

oh well. but i would have like to have talked to you this evening. really, i was going to call you. but my roller rink/driving/drinking plans got in the way. and, not that i have to explain, but those events are all independent of one another, by the way. :P i don't believe in drinking and driving, or driving and roller skating, or drinking and roller skating, LOL! because if i lost my license the gran massa and i would have to sit here all the time and look at each other.

and that would suck.

by the way...

joel isn't anything to worry about. if anything, he's only going to teach me to reduce my road rage. which only makes me more safe to ride with if we should ever meet. and that may not ever happen now, i don't know...

and he's not nearly as cute as you are. :) so if you're still up for a couple days after easter, so am i. (you don't have any idea...) but this isn't really the place for this conversation. i'll call you tomorrow. once i recover from my current state. i need a few hours. maybe more.

i'm not doing so well. at the moment. i feel like a small failure. and technically, i'm not even catholic! omg....

my lips are numb. that's not a good sign... hehehe... unless, well... nevermind. :)

and i think i said i'd sleep with somebody named irene. i was half-joking. LOL. but she is kind of hot.

and something about hair-pulling and biting. but i don't think that related to irene... well...

oh dear...

ps. i'm not even catholic. don't judge me.

me and my sam hill's whore shots. YUM. i love me some pickles...



i swear that's it.

toodles, dolls.


amy, it was great to finally meet you. we should party on your kid-less days.... :)

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