03 March 2007

roger watch: day 3

i'm on fish patrol. especially since the gran massa is attempting to leave the country today. i get to feed all the fishies. and the kitties. and me. i don't know if i can handle all this responsibility.

roger seems to be doing better. i put aquarium salt in the tank last night; it's supposed to help reduce stress on feeshies. maybe he's stressed. maybe he's upset about something. maybe he and adolf had a tiff. who knows?

new fish update. gouramis in the goldfish tank. they're happier there. so what's in the ugly tank? i got the cutest little spotted puffer fish! his name is helmut. but you have to say in three and with a fake accent, 'helmut, helmut, helmut!' and the ugly tank isn't so ugly any more, i took out the nasty plants and put in green plants, still fake but not as bad. helmut is adorable. but apparently they're kind of mean so i can't have other fish in there with him.

i work today. i think i may actually go.

i've been watching america's next top model for the last three hours. i can feel myself getting stupider but i can't bring myself to turn it off.

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