24 March 2007

[insert catchy title here]

i'm at work. we don't have any planes for another hour. and so i sit. i'm mentally preparing for the assload of bags that is due to arrive any time, via truck, from ord. i work for an airline - and our bags are arriving by truck. do you see the problem here? there's a big difference between planes and trucks, namely wings and wheels.

i love ord. more than words can describe. it's the end all, be all of airports in this country. and i am at its mercy more often than not, tonight included.

boys and girls, that's called sarcasm. i told you to google it last time. by now, dear reader, you should be well versed.

i didn't get my phone call last night. i was sort of bummed. i realise that my phone dials out, but i wasn't going to call that late last night. i don't like calling that late, i feel bad. so i called today and left a message; i told him i'd call tonight after work. and then i said maybe i won't.

remember that scene in 'along came polly' where polly leaves ruben the voicemail and she's like 'maybe i'll see you there. or not. i don't even know if i'm going. whatever. goodbye.' my message was sort of reminiscent of that. i laughed when i was done talking. lol...

ugh. work. i should go pretend to care for a while...

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