13 March 2007

stupid japanese clock

here we are, like three days into daylight savings or something, and my super expensive, super advanced, super "you never have to set this clock it will forever set itself because it syncs with the atomic clock hidden in the mountains in colorado" smart clock has yet to realize that it's not right. since this is supposed to sync with the super hidden, super classifed clock in the rock in colorado, does this mean that the government is also running one hour behind? is the president running one hour late as well?

you'd think that if microsoft could get their shit together and get my laptop clock running correctly, which they did, the fucking government could sync my alarm clock.

you know, you steal a nice clock from a nice hotel and this is what happens. if i'd have paid for this, i'd take it back. but since i didn't, and since taking it back would only admit to the dfw grand hyatt that i did take their bedside alarm clock, well... i'll just live with it.

maybe if i take the batteries out and put them back in it'll reset itself.

fucking stolen technology anyway.

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