05 March 2007

i love being a turtle.

today i was reminded why i love my job. mr. gardener in the green tie from cmh, i'd cheer for ohio state for you. oh my goodness. i'd even cheer for the indians for you... and that's saying a lot. *sigh*

the gran massa is on his way to ...bulgaria? no, that's not right. budapest. that's it. i wanted him to go to bulgaria because they have a swatch store there. but anyway. he's gone for the week (and i'm home alone! yay!) and i'm on fish duty and one fish has already gone mia and two more are sick. i'm either a pathetic fish parent or the fish have awful timing. that and the tank in the kitchen is having a splendid algae bloom, i don't know what's up with that. roger watch: roger seems to be doing fine, thanks for asking. but now i'm a little concerned about adolf, but maybe he's just got a cold. i wonder... do fish sneeze?

borat comes out on dvd this week. wawaweewa! i cannot wait. i may not buy milk and instead buy borat. and then i will watch it over and over and over as i dehydrate from eating dry grape nuts and not having any milk. what a way to go. if that's the case, i want it to say so in the paper. i want people to read that in the paper.

there's a concert i want to go to next weekend in dsm. i need to find someone to work for me next sunday night. takers? say hi to your mom is going to be at the vaudeville mews and i want to go. :)

okay. time to go to bed. one can only take so much viva la bam.

viva la janel!

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