20 March 2007

the bang and the clatter

i slept until 1430 today. at first i looked at my kit cat clock and tried to figure out what time it was, but i think the hands are suspiciously close in size and i'm forever trying to read the damn thing, that and it was running about 36 minutes behind when i could read it, so i gave up and just looked for the alarm clock which was not on the bedside table where i thought it should have been. ugh. regardless. 1430. i don't think i've ever slept so late in all my life. and i'm not even medicated. i think i was just run down from being sick and working this weekend, because i never really felt caught up on sleep. but when i got up today, i felt wonderful, let me tell you. won-der-ful.

i didn't get through my list of things to do today. i did get my fish tanks cleaned, which makes me feel like a decent fish parent. my goldfish are happier; their light is on and they can see. plus they're back on regular food and not antibacterial food, which never really turned them on. roger is back to sleeping in the corner next to the filter and i guess fish life is good...? it must be good to be a goldfish, having a three second memory and chasing bubbles out of the mouth of a fake alligator all day. did i tell you that my algae eater died? the gran massa thinks that it starved to death, which makes me feel bad, obviously that's never my intention but with the light off in the tank there's no way to make algae grow and the light's been off for over two weeks now. poor thing. i was never that attached to him, what was his name again? he was kind of gross and he got in otto's way all the time. i don't like anyone that gets in otto's way, otto's my homeboy. homefish? whatev.

but there were other, non-fish related things i wanted to do that i didn't get done. letters to write, paperwork to fax, phone calls to make and laundry to do - omg, the laundry is taking over one end of my bedoom. i thought i lost a cat today but i realized she was just under a giant pile of towels. oh well... tomorrow's another day. although, as i finish writing this, it's already tomorrow and i should be asleep, preparing for the day ahead.

OMG. something just dawned on me and boy, do i feel like a dork. i deserve a kick in the shins for that one. i am such a dumbass sometimes.

how do i get by, day to day? i'm not even sure...

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