06 March 2007

i see the appeal of pet rocks.

tonight i came home from errands and i could only find one cat. i thought this was swell; i've already killed two fish and sickened about a baker's dozen more, now what have i done with an entire freakin' cat?

i'm not too stressed about it; i figure she's hiding somewhere. i sit down with my dinner and look for the tv remote.

mischa comes tearing out of the gran massa's room, spinning in circles with this blue ... thing stuck to her butt. i about choked on my orange chicken, i was laughing so hard. she's spinning and running into furniture, tables and sofas and i can't catch her and whatever's stuck to her butt is not going anywhere. and considering where she came from - the roommate's room - i'm almost hesitant to find out what it is.

but i feel bad leaving her like that and she's looking a little dizzy. so i grab her and hold her down. seems the champ spent some time at the meadows and the bracelet color of that particular day was azul. i don't know where mischa found this bracelet or how she stuck it to her butt, but i had to dislodge it. yay me.

the fun never stops around here.

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