09 March 2007

don't touch me, you giant beverage.

i'm sad. i lost another fish today. not in the sense that i set him down somewhere and can't find him. i lost him to ich. or fin rot. or scale bulge. or something. whatever it was, adolf was not a healthy fellow. so the gran massa went in with the pasta spoon and hauled him out.

i cried.

i know. it's a fish. how does one get so emotionally attached to a fish? well, honestly, if you know me at all, this is nothing new. i cry when i trade in my cars, put holes in my socks or use the last sheet of a pad of post it notes. it's borderline ridiculous. anyway. the appropriateness of the situation, if there is any, is that german looking adolf succumbed to a german sounding disease: ich. ich. ich. ichy.

i'm tired tonight. last night was one of those all night ordeals that the roommate and i seem to get ourselves into once every 10 days or so. this time it was in oma. mind you, we live in the opposite side of the state. i drove for like 15 hours yesterday. that was awesome. that's okay though. i got the cutest swatch watch ever. :) next week i think we're driving to canada.

i'm going to bed.

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