03 July 2007

i'm happy to see you, i'll be happier if it's a minus sign...

i'm at the airport. i love airports. i love watching people travel. sometimes the airport is better than the state fair - but not very often. the absolute best people watching is at the state fair, and generally close to the beer tent or the stock car races. and then you can watch all the east side dsm'ers (proudly wearing their "eastside" t-shirts) congregate, get drunk and hit on the carnival rats when the midway shuts down for the night. it's even more fun to ride the skytram and spit on them and watch them look up and swear.

not that i would ever do that...

so anyway. i'm at the airport. and i'm watching people. and don't get me wrong, i'm hardly a fashionista in my jeans and slippas, but i've seen many a fashion faux pas. some people leave me wondering who in the hell let them out of the house dressed that way and others leave me wondering who let them out of the house without their helmets. it's an entertaining way to pass the time.

king bee took me to the airport this morning. it was cute. he's sort of a negative person - do i attract those sorts of people? i know that i'm hardly rainbows and puppies all the time but i don't think i'm as much of a negative nellie as i used to be. in fact, i'm so un-negative that even the things that should bother me don't. my point of view in life is a complete 180 from where it was two years ago, and while some could say that it's a bad thing i don't necessarily agree... all the time anyway. i do need to get a few things on track, and i'm aware that i need to work on those. i just needed a little bit of time and some motivation.

anyway. i was saying that it was nice of him to take me to the airport. he's cute and gruff (especially in the morning) and he drives too fast (and that's saying a lot coming from me). but when other people aren't around he's kind of a nice guy. just don't tell anyone i said so, i was supposed to keep it a secret.

his ears must have been ringing - he just called to see how i'm doing. :)

okay. getting ready to board. talk laters.

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