04 July 2007

brass monkey

i'm here. i'm in charlotte, with one of my very best friends in the whole wide world and her wonderful family. she has beautiful children and a great husband and an adorable house. and a really thick southern accent which just cracks me up. so far i've had awesome pizza, a tour of million dollar homes in the charlotte area, chocolate chicken for dinner and i played wii. and i royally suck, unless my competition is a four year old. but that is some fun shit. i need a wii. but libbeth has an adorable life here in n.c. and i'm happy for her.

today was stressful. traveling is always stressful. especially travelling with checked bags. i'm not good at checking luggage but the tsa can suck my nut; i refuse to adhere to their 3-1-1 bullshit and therefore i'm forced to check luggage so i can have my 24 oz. bottle of lubriderm lotion with me while i vacay. which is sort of stupid, because i buy the cocoa/shea butter kind and i have never seen as many kinds of cocoa butter lotion as i did today while we were at walgreens. and it's probly better and cheaper than my super size lubriderm stuff.

speaking of walgreens... we were in the baby aisle because libbeth has a baby and i found these. i did not even know that these sort of tests were even available. but isn't it sort of funny that they're sitting next to one another on the shelf?

yeah. this cracked me up.

so king bee has called several times. i guess in chariton they have a beer tent for the 04july holiday, right uptown on the square and in plain sight of all the police officers that want to stand and watch you take your drunk ass right from the beer tent to your car and then home. pretty stupid if you ask me, but technically no one is asking me and probably won't ask me so i'm going to offer my opinion here anyway because i can and that's what i do and i'd like to see you try to stop me. what the fuck was i talking about?

right. beer tent. chariton. king bee. so king bee has called several times today; i wasn't sure but i thought maybe he missed me. yup. i was right. he called this evening to confirm that he misses me. and then some. and then it got sort of incoherent, still very sweet, but hard to understand so i told him to go to bed, sleep it off and call me in the morning. and then i think he said "it."

so much for that one.

i'm going to go to bed now. tomorrow we are lighting shit on fire in the yard and eating bbq and watching the movie "cars" and listening to hannah montana and playing with the baby. i have no idea what's going on the rest of the week, somebody said the zoo and the mountains and possibly the richard petty driving experience, but honestly they have really comfy sofas that probly need holding down, and you all know how i feel about that.

gnite. happy fourth. be safe. :)

ps. negative. woot!

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