27 July 2007

on a scale of 1-10...

is it strange that i have desires to run away and leave everything behind? is that normal? does anyone else want to pack up the bare necessities in the car and just drive away to some unknown place, some unknown town and just start over, some unknown life, where no one knows you and no one cares? is that even possible anymore? could i do it? it'd be like self-mandated witness protection, except i'm the witness and i'm protecting me from... me. or i could look at it like i'm protecting everyone else from me. that sounds like i'm doing everyone else a favor and not just being a selfish brat running away from everyday life and the shit that goes with it. it'd be kind of suspicious though, some chica in a grey rendezvous with two cats and a 29-gallon fishtank and a shoebox full of swatch watches, wandering the country.

yeah. if you see that girl, it's, um... not me... i swear.

so what do you say when someone asks you, "on a scale of 1-10, how much do you like me?" i was like, "well, generally, about a 3, but if you're going to bite my earlobes like that again, i'll say a 8.9."

but anyway. i'm off to dinner that i wasn't really invited to. i'm bustin' in, yo, and you can't stop me.

superjanel OUT.

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