07 July 2007

your mass is prohibiting any acceleration

what movie was it where someone said, "its amazing! in france, even the little kids speak french." that's how it is down here. not that all the little kids are speaking french, but they all have southern accents. like the word blue. in iowa, the word "blue" is pronounced like "blew", "bloo", "blue." all the same, one syllable. but down here, the word "blue" is two syllables, and sometimes three depending on the person. like just four minutes ago, i heard a seven year old say "blyooo", like "blu-ooo" - it took like 14 seconds.

that and they don't turn on their headlights, they burn them. wtf?

what is it with my friends wanting to pop their family members and friends bumps and zits? that's freaking gross. blecch....

so anyway. white water rafting has never been really high on my list of things to do in life. but in our search to find something to do (note: i was perfectly happy just sitting on the sofa) we discovered the us national whitewater center. they teach you how to (safely) go white water rafting and not die. we went this morning; it was awesome. there were a couple times that i nearly had an out-of-boat experience, which was a little unnerving, but i survived. our rafting guide was named brian, but he sort of sounded like lt. dan from forest gump: "get down, get up, forward, paddle, paddle, paddle!" if he'd said "get down and shut up" i'd have crawled in the fox hole for him.

last night, we hung out with all the sweaty drunk nascar maniacs at the nascar speedpark in concord mills. i kicked ass at go karts, even though most of my competitors were under the age of 10. i also got new shoes: nike frees. then i trashed them this morning in the (fake river) so i bought some more this afternoon. those are the most comfortable shoes i've ever worn.

i'm currently out of things to say. libbeth and ryan have filled me full of cheese beer fondue and i think i'm drunk. or really full, i can't decide.

i'll be back.

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