18 July 2007

toodles and noodles

so, i'm thinking i'm going to take my blogging business elsewhere. i'm getting some unwanted visitors and i think my blog is the source of some unwarranted hostility, which i think is totally not fair because i only believe in warranted hostility, bitches.

so to those of you that actually enjoy my warped sense of humor and my idiotic daily life, no worries. i'm still around. you'll still be able to find me - use your well-honed ninja skills, a bowstaff and an avacado.

and to the rest of you, take a short walk off a long pier, mc fly.

and who knows. maybe i'll get bored of that other site and be back. just remember: where ever you go, there you are. just wear clean underwear and strap in any heavy foreign objects in the back seat because they could become flying projectiles. oh! and don't double dip, you'll contract botchulism.

loves and kisses,
the janel.

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