25 July 2007

feet on the ground, head in the clouds...

i've broken out the old school ipizzle and i'm listening to some old school tunes. spent the morning listening to alice in chains and soundgarden - pre-chris cornell pretty boy phase. although i do have to admit that mama likey the song that pretty boy cornell did for the latest bond flick. i just like me some pretty boy cornell, truth be told. not as much as dave navarro, but he's in the top five rock stars i'd run away with.

there is a separate list of athletes, of course, of which kyle farnsworth sits at the top. all that boy would have to do is look at me sideways and i'd do the hula across a bed of flaming coals for him all the while twirling a baton and singing the star spangled banner, cuz that's how i roll, yo. (and if you're not familiar with why kyle farnsworth is the coolest thing ever, read this for starters.)

i have no idea what i was going to write about; now i'm just sitting here thinking about kyle farnsworth. i may just continue to do this for awhile. yeah.

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