06 July 2007

no sleep til brooklyn

i'm on a beastie boys kick lately. that's one of my favorites; roberto can't stand it and i like to make sure he hears it at least four or five times a day when we work together at the whippy dip. but don't feel all sorry for him - he gets me back by singing tina turner or steve perry or some other awful shit like that. he cracks me up. and his singing is even funnier.

"and i shoulda been gone..."

i get home (cross your fingers) on sunday night, late. i work monday and tuesday at the garage so nigel can have some days off with the chil'lens (even though i'm sure she'll be in to see me on both days because she loves her job so much she can't let it alone). tuesday night we're having a slumber party. while i'm sure this one will also be full of pina coladas, we're also returning the giant mushroom. one of our slumber party cohorts is convinced that we're going to go to hell over the mushroom; i want to return it because it keeps falling out of my backseat and narrowly missing my toes. that thing would pulverize my toes.

speaking of toes, i cut my broken pinky toe on the drain in the shower last week, it's looking all gnarley and awesome again. i ought to just cut that sucker right off, it does me so much good. my parents have the slippiest (is that a word?) bathtub in the world. everytime i get in i just about fall and break my neck. they need to put some sticky goldfish or something in the bottom. i know my mom would just love that. :)

i talked to king bee again this morning as he was on his way to work. he swears he's not going to forget me on sunday. yay.

today i believe we're going to the zoo in columbia, sc. i love the zoo. i love the big kittehs. i miss my kittehs. momma says they're doing well, considering it's like 904 million degrees at home. before i left i was leaving the window open just to get some fresh air - it can get kind of stuffy in my room - but i bet it's too hot to have it open now. she lets them out when she can but it's so hot that the crazy ass dog can't be outside for too long otherwise she'll melt and die. poor kittehs. i wonder if norman is still alive... anyway, the zoo is about two hours away and we're taking the kiddos. it should be fun.

but right now, i'm going to go lie down and see if i can't snooze for just a while longer. i'm not hearing a lot of movement out in the living room yet and that means i can sleep just a little bit more...

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