10 July 2007

you're sorry you asked for ice cream, aren't you?

i'm kind of tired and a little stressed, so i'm going to make this quick.

my license is being revoked beginning 01aug due to being a "habitual offender" or something like that. only for 60 days and i can apply for a work permit. eh. whatever.

i told my mom about it. yikes. once again, two of her children will be sans drivers licenses at the same time. she has so much to be proud of.

i also told her of my current "health" situation. i go to the doctor in the morning to get the definitive answer because it's driving me bloody bonkers not knowing for sure.

i inadvertantly told the king bee of said "situation" as it actually came up in conversation this evening. response was odd, but not in the way that i expected: "i hope you like the cold."

i'm going to try to sleep now. :S

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