03 July 2007

buzzing around your hive...

i'm supposed to be sleeping. hahaha... the night before i go somewhere is kind of like school eve. have i ever told you about school eve? i was a neurotic little kid, and surprisingly, neurotic little kids will grow up to be neurotic little adults. but when i was a kid, i would get so worked up about the first day of school that the night before i would just lay there and watch the numbers flip over on my clock. and then it would get to be so late and i still couldn't sleep that i would just lie there and cry and stress because i wasn't sleeping. this happened all my life. well, until i got to know libbeth. and found out that she suffered from something quite similar, if you can believe it. so our plan was that on school eve eve we would stay up all night long and then we wouldn't have any trouble sleeping on school eve and we would wake well rested and refreshed on the morning of the first day of school. wtf was the point of this, anyway? oh, right. travel eve is much like school eve, except that i don't worry about the sleep, i can sleep just about anywhere. now i worry about oversleeping. because i'm really fucking good at that. so i have to set alarm after alarm just to make sure i'm awake. and even then, i'm generally running late.

but tomorrow, i can't be running late. that one guy, whom i've decided to call king bee for reasons that i'm choosing not to share with you, is taking me to the airport. cute, isn't it? yeah. king bee will take me to the aeropuerto on his way to work, which means that if i'm late then he's late and he's in trouble. so i can't be late. it was nice of him to offer, it certainly wasn't expected. i just hope he remembers to come get me on sunday night...

imagine this flying at the hood of your car. only bigger. and faster. this could have poked my eye out.

so today i'm driving home from the garage and i'm getting into the raging metropolis that is corydon and i'm following this red ford taurus, right? i can clearly see, because i'm sort of a tailgater, that there's a frizzy haired lady driving and there's at least 12 brats in the back seat that she keeps half-ass swatting with her right hand as she drives. (this cracks me up because my dad used to do that, too.) anyway. she's driving and they're bouncing around in the backseat. this one kid picks up a hairbrush and starts to brush this lady's hair as she's driving, which doesn't make her happy but certainly needs to be done. the lady grabs the brush and chucks it out the window. where does it land? on the hood of uugof. can you believe that? this giant pink goody hairbrush bounced off my hood and into the road. i laughed so hard i nearly peed my pants.

i should go to bed. does anyone want to call me in the morning and make sure i'm awake?

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