27 July 2007

um, spoiler alert?


i got home this morning with this single goal in mind and i am finally finished with this book. WOOT! in fact, j.k. rowling is so good to her readers we get a glimpse of harry potter in 19 years when he's all married with kids and sending them off to hogwarts. can you say cute?

yeah, so, that's what i've done today. how's your friday? i keep hearing about this double secret probation birthday dinner for t-bone but i don't think i've been officially invited, and especially now that el burno has lost-o their liquor-o license-o, i think-o the familio is going to somewhere else-o for grub-o.

what? you say you weren't aware that adding the letter "o" to the end of a word instantly makes it spanish? psh. welcome to janel-ese, my friends.

things to do. gots to go find nigel some beer for her beer tasting party. no, seriously, it's a beer tasting party - not just a party with beer, but i can see how you might be confused.

superjanel OUT.

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