22 April 2007

what time is it? it's cold in here.

i'm home. there's a storm coming this way and i have the window open. it's a little chilly but with my blankets it feels perfect. i sleep really well when its cold in my room.

when i left for home today, i felt a little sad. and scared. it was comfortable, being home. it wouldn't be the end of the world but i think it would be a big step back for me. i can make it here. i don't have a lot of choice anymore. but i don't want to be one of those kids, you know?

i'm going to be fine.

tomorrow is monday. i don't work tomorrow. i have a few things to do (pay my parking ticket, do some laundry) but not much. i need to look for a new job. a job i can hold in conjunction with my current job or a job that will take the place of my current job, i'm not sure. but a new job. that would be good.

but right now i'm kind of tired. and i want to watch the rest of the yankees game.

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