15 April 2007

omg, we lost an aircraft.

'have you ever wondered...?'

'hypothetically, what do you think would happen if...?'

if i never hear those two statements again, life will be good. the gods at work must have drawn my number because i'm working long shifts with the station idiot lately. and gump, she's a goddamn genius, texas-style, let me tell you.

prime example: lately, the tsa has been conducting random aircraft searches. that's fine, whatever, just don't make me late. so today, station idiot pulls up the flifo (departure/arrival time and notes) for a flight and notices that there is a delay on this particular flight due to 'aircraft search.'

i swear to god, this is what she said:

'does this mean they can't find the aircraft?'

i about wet myself, i was laughing so hard. it was classic, even better than the 'that's not a penis, that has to be cauliflower' line.

i'm still giggling about this.

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