13 April 2007

i need someone to ease my mind

friday the 13th. all the wackos get on planes on friday the 13th. add that to tornadoes in dallas and we've got the makings of an interesting day at work. i purposely pissed off half a dozen people tonight just because i wasn't in the mood to be of any assistance. isn't that terrible? i was just crabby and really for no good reason.

one of my all-time top five favorite questions that a passenger will pose: why isn't my bag here? generally, i'll commiserate with them, 'i know, you were in ord for a good 26 hours and we still managed to miss your bag.' today, i had no sympathy and i flat out told someone that if i could get to the root of the problem as to why certain bags wouldn't be loaded in spite of a three hour layover i certainly wouldn't be a lowly bag agent in fucking cid taking their fucking claim. he didn't have much to say, but i thought i heard, 'what a fuckin' bitch' as he walked away. and then he came back, claiming his parking ticket was in his bag and what was i going to do about that? i told him that he was going to get in his car and drive to the parking people see what they were going to do about that because i'm not the one that packed his parking ticket in his checked luggage. fucking morons, all of them.

i hate passengers. but keep flying my airline because i need a job. a job that takes me places i want to go, i want to see...

work, work, work. i can't get used to my new schedule and the fact that i'm supposed to be sleeping semi-regular hours. i'm just not able. if i have to get a real job, i'm in real trouble. because i can't seem to fall asleep before 0100, expcept for last night and i was asleep at 2100 except for snackmaster bob calling to verbally abuse me because he's a retard. i mean really - yes, i relayed your concern and perhaps i shouldn't have, but it's not me yelling and screaming and carrying on and getting your dumb ass kicked out of your own house.

for the love.

i'm kind of tired. i'm going to bed. i have to try to be up at a "normal" hour tomorrow. ew.

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