24 April 2007

i've got a case of the mondays ... on tuesday. wtf?

i've been sort of whiny all day. maybe i didn't sleep well. maybe i don't get enough lycopene or protein or potassium or [insert new fangled vitamin or mineral of the month here]. maybe, and this is just a what if, maybe i'm just cranky. i'm not proud of it, and i sure do need to apologize for it, but doesn't everyone get a cranky day every now and then? it's like a "case of the mondays" even though it's really tuesday.

i didn't accomplish much today; didn't get to a single thing on my list. and i really did have a list. no, i take that back. one item on my list was "find lost speeding ticket and pay it." well, i didn't pay it but i did find it. so i guess i accomplished one half of one thing on my list of things to do today.

yay me!

and i did laundry and i put it away, which is like an all day process. i don't know where my hangers go in between the time that elapses from when i take a shirt out of the closet and when i try to put a shirt back in the closet - they disappear. it's like hanger magic. or perhaps there is a monster that eats my hangers. but everytime i do laundry i have to search for my hangers, which turns into an all day process, as previously mentioned, because i have to go into the summer bedroom to find more hangers and then i end up getting sidetracked by the giant basket of shoes or the box of books or the open sudoku book or chasing the cats or something.

it is so hard to be me. *sigh*

my mom will be pleased to know that i did find the time to apply for jobs today. a couple that i found interesting - they're local to the dbq area - i'm not sure if that's good or bad. i guess it never hurts to look, right? i would be sad to give up my current job. i really like my current job and the benefits that accompany it. and the people aren't too bad, either. but i must do what i must do, right? right.

this is really boring. i'm boring myself here. that's a bad sign. i think i'm going to sign off for the evening before i get really snarky and start writing what i'm really thinking about.


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