20 April 2007

the art of progress.

i'm not so great at asking for help. but i did it. there are things i can't fix on my own and i've been told that a smart person realizes this and knows that there is no shame in asking for assistance.

it doesn't feel that way but i can see what you mean.

today is going to be a better day. first off, the sun is shining and that always does wonders to help my mood. i get to go get my phone and then my bright and shiny new phone should be knocking on the door anytime now. that's a good thing. i'm a little nervous about this appointment this morning but it's all in the name of getting things back on track so that's a good thing too. my next appointment this afternoon should be better - my affect is much improved since yesterday. i'm not as dramatic and i'm not crying; this can only be better.

and then i'm going home for the weekend. much to my chagrin (and to the irritation of my place of employment) i think a weekend away from dbq will do me some good. not that anything exciting is taking place back home but it will be quiet and normal.

and i can watch the sopranos. :)

but i have to get ready to go now.

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