28 April 2007

is it still harassment if we both enjoy it?

today when i left for work i left the tv on the nfl draft so the kitties could watch. they, too, were shocked by the fall of brady quinn.

tonight the cute boy at work nearly concussed himself on the bag belt; i wanted to kiss it and make it better and i think he would have let me but that's a direct violation of rule 32 or 17 or whatever it is that keeps us from telling dirty jokes and having sex in front of the boss. which is too bad because i know some great dirty jokes. but i'm telling you, this guy is cute enough to make me want to work overtime.


i was in a great mood all day today and that quickly deflated with the silence that met me when i got home. i'm not sure why i let people control my mood like i do; i'm not able to stop that from happening some times.

i've found a fascinating new blog to read and comment; i'm not sure if i find the writing fascinating or the author. i adore quick wit and a sharp tongue. if you read and decide to comment, be sure to mention how superior texas is to ou. he's sure to appreciate that. he's also a weekend alcoholic which i can certainly relate to and has also drunk blogged, which i am an expert in.

but not this week. i'm on sabbatical.

it appears as though my vacay plans have fallen through and rightfully so. i'm not about to grace anyone with my presence if they can't even return a fucking phone call. i should be responsible and stay home anyway, right?


the roommate wants to go camping on monday. i don't know how i feel about that or if i'm even interested. i'm sort of pissy at the moment so i've asked him to refrain from asking any questions of me until tomorrow.

that's probably a good idea.

i'm going to bed. tomorrow will be a better day.

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