23 April 2007

hook, line and sinker.

i'm not much of a fisherperson. i think it's moderately cruel to catch a fish just for one's personal enjoyment and then toss it back with a new hole in its body. not my cup of tea, really. but just as other people dislike baseball (which is a travesty in of itself) or do not enjoy a good book, i'm not going to bash on the hobbies of others. so in fact this evening i found myself watching people fish when the gran massa wanted to go fishing.

as it turns out, watching people fish is pretty boring. there's not a lot to do except constantly keep out of the way of fishing poles as they're being cast. the river isn't particularly pretty where we were fishing and it's sort of smelly. i did manage to pass the time by concentrating on not falling in the river or in the muck and i did a pretty good job - i didn't even so much as get my shoe wet. yay me. but fishing ended up not getting us anything for dinner (not that i could have brought myself to eat a smelly river fish anyway) and he lost like 25$ in fishing lures, so we went to eat at a new restaurant in town.

baxter called during dinner. just for a few minutes. as previously posted, i'd left a reader's digest version of message 3.0 just a few hours before. that was going to be my last point of contact. if message 3.0 netted no results - well, so be it. a person can only put herself out there, looking stupid, for so long. but as i hoped, the telly rang. a short discussion - he asked all the right questions and showed the proper amount of concern, which was nice of him. oddly, though, i still find myself mildly frustrated and i'm not sure why.

talked to libbeth this morning and recanted the story as to why i'm making life changes. she's always good to talk to - kind of like my mom. she just has a way of making sense to me. i don't talk to her enough.

i don't have enough sense in my life! i need things that make sense!

i had really good hair today. too bad that the only people that got to see it were my doctor and my roommate. and the people down by the river. and the waitress. seriously, this hair was so good, i wanted it to be seen by large groups of people.

tomorrow i'm going to the laundrymat. clean clothes make me happy. the laundrymat does not but it's a necessary evil.

right now, i think i'm going to go eat ice cream and watch espn.

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