15 April 2007

wake up! it's time for the ROYAL RUMBLE!

do you watch wrestling? i'm not talking about college boys in speedos, grappling each other all greco-roman style. i'm talking over the top, jumping from the rafters wwe sweaty men and half-nekkid women wrestling, the kind where chairs are thrown and hair is long and muscles are rampant.

yeah, i don't watch either. i quit watching about the time that miss elizabeth chose the macho man over hulk hogan and it was never quite the same after andre the giant died. omg, i can't believe i just told you that. oh dear. don't hold it against me, i was merely a child!

anyway, i don't [currently] watch.

but see, i don't have to. i wake up to wwe-style wrestling every day. it's like a personal private show in my bedroom. i only wish i was talking like john cena up in my shit - i'm not. every morning i wake up to wwe-style wrestling starring my kittehs, mason and mischa.

it's awesome.

in the far corner, we've got mason "heavy paws" mason and he is a big kitteh. weighing in at about 17 pounds, you don't want to mess with his heavy paws. he'll bat the holy crap out of you for no good reason.

in this corner, we've got mischa "lil piggy" mason, who on the other hand, weighs in at about 6 pounds but because she acts like a cranked up cracker kitteh, you still don't want to mess with her - you just don't know where she's going next.

and let the games begin. DING.

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