27 April 2007

i live ze unknown, i love ze unknown, i am ze unknown

boys and girls, it's going to be a good day. i can just tell.

reasons today will not suck:
  1. the sun is shining
  2. i'm in a great mood.
  3. the cubs didn't lose yesterday (they also didn't play yesterday, but never mind that now).
  4. i was awake early enough to eat breakfast. woot!
there are a number of things that i'm not looking at, though, in order to keep my spirits up... the yankees lost, the nationals won, my phone apparently is not taking calls from people i'm interested in hearing from, and i've lost my new fish.

let me clarify that fish thing. he's not lost as in he died, although i'm sure that's coming because i own a fish tank of doom and death, but lost as in can't find. lost as in he's in there somewhere but i'm not sure where. i'm sure you're thinking, just as i am, it's a glass box with four walls - how can you NOT FIND anything? i'm thinking the same thing. i checked behind it and as far as i can tell, he hasn't committed lil' fishie suicide but around here, nothing would surprise me.

i flipped out on the roommate this morning, good mood and all. we had this discussion just a day and a half ago about how much of a slob he is not (his opinion, not mine) and i got up this morning to find pizza, toothbrushes, empty diet pepsi cans and the remnants of science experiment on the kitchen counter. granted, most of this was there when i went to bed last night but it's twice as irritating to wake up to. i will admit that the skillet and the spatula are my responsibility so i can't say it's entirely his mess. but it's looking a little gross and it's bothering me immensely.

i figure there's two options i have in this situation. one involves me leaving my hairbrush and my vibrator and some milk cartons and porn on the coffee table or i could just ask him to clean it up. you know how i am about confrontation, so i've been perusing porn all morning looking for just the right disturbing heterosexual image to leave out for him to see... riiiight.

i refuse to clean it up so i stomped quietly entered my pajama wearing ass into his wing of the house and demanded politely asked if he would mind cleaning it up before he leaves for work tonight. that's not rude, is it? he leaves for the weekend and i'm generally left with all the dirty dishes or filthy floor or dishwasher to empty or trash to take out. wtf? just because i have boobs does not make me your housemaid. gahhh...

i do like my quiet weekends, though. it's kind of my weekly retreat from the ongoing activity and pandemonium that comes from living with the gran massa. not that activity and pandemonium is necessarily a bad thing - it's just a lot for me to deal with. weekend down time is always appreciated when the alternative is daily life with an overly excitable gay boy cracalacka.

SO. speaking of excitable, let's talk about me. i'm easily excitable but this is not the point. this really is exciting. since i've been reading blogs, i've always loved mr. poon. he's a crack up. so last night i got commented by mr. poon. oh yeah, bitches, that just happened. and he's been kind enough to link to me AND compare me to one of my other all time favorite blog reads. I SO FREAKIN' ROCK. i feel as though i have been validated in writing 402 posts now.

i now have a reason for living. :) other than boys with floppy hair and cocoa puffs and unrequited internet lovin...

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