26 April 2007

apparently i heart glitter.

last night i dreamt that the gran massa's family was coming to visit the house. i was trying to clean and make things presentable but i had company of my own at the same time: markus, schmalex, jorge and his girlfriend and my momma were all here. and i was feeding them sandwiches and making them watch movies so i could clean.

the kitchen was filthy - the counters were covered with knives, most of them dirty but the dishwasher was full of clean dishes and the drawer was already full. i kept making piles of dirty knives. there were tools all over the counter as well, screwdrivers and a hammer because someone was putting new outlet covers on all the outlets.

all the bottles of alcohol in the cabinet were strewn about and there was an empty bottle of kahlua sitting next to the sink and i couldn't figure out who had drank it. i picked up this little baggie that was torn open on one side and gold glitter just poured out and all over the already messy kitchen. but i wasn't mad - it was so pretty i was just enthralled with how it looked i just stood and stared and watched it fall.

and then i woke up. anyone care to tell me what THAT means? i don't even know where to start.

side note - this is my 400th post! woot!

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