14 April 2007

i'm not wearing any pants. film at 11.

i didn't go. i prolly would have had a good time but i just didn't want to. the one coworker i just don't trust was going and the other coworker that i just don't trust myself with was going and my conscience tells me it just wouldn't have ended well.

but there's always next weekend.

instead, i came home and talked on the phone and took a bubble bath and watched baseball tonight. cubs won. yankees are currently tied. i love baseball. my fantasy baseball team sucks, though.

it was a nice and quiet evening. but now i can't sleep. i kind of want to play ps2 but i don't want to venture into the roommate's room.

why did i set up my playstation in there?

oh well. i'm going to go read a book and see if i can't fall asleep.

yankees won. :)

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