06 April 2007

i'm [not] lovin' it. at least i don't think i am.

who knew a car ride and free breakfast could lead to such lofty goals? really. what are the chances that the one morning i'm awake before 0800 (0723 to be exact) and i ride along to take willie to work that i end up with a job offer? how weird. i don't know what to do. i think if i take it i'll have to become a morning person. we all know how well that works for the superjanel...

my cell phone like froze last night. just locked up and looked all ganked up. i was not happy. my cell phone is my life. what would i do without a cell phone? i would be so bored...

there's a goldfish at petsmart i want so bad. he's yellow and i think he weighs about six pounds, he's that big. i'd need another tank for him if i got him. but i'm poor at the moment so i'm going to have to hold off.

next week, i got mids at work. ew. what's up with that? i barely have the seniority to work here, much less work mids here. i'd prefer to work nights.

boys and girls, i need to go to lbb. the station idiot has come back from a small vacation and she's got the mouth of a sailor and the stories to go with. anyone up for a trip to lbb? :D she cracks me up. she's a genius i tell you. smart things the station idiot has said this evening:
  • that can't be a penis. that looks like cauliflower.
  • you know barbara streisand has never had sex, right?
  • i don't think i want to get married. my husband might get injured and become impotent and then i'd have to cheat. but i'm going to marry a rich doctor, so i guess it would have to be an accident with a scalpel.
  • if i lost 15 pounds i'd work at a strip club. (you'd have to see her to truly appreciate this. 15 pounds off her left foot, maybe.)
call or don't call...? these are the things that i ponder as i sit and rot and wait for my last ord flight.

i can't get anyone to go drinking with me tonight. anyone up for cocktails?

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