07 April 2007

once again, color me stupid.

and that's what i get, i guess. once again, i let someone just trash me. walk all over me. use me for information and self-improvement.

if i put as much time into my own wellbeing as i do into that of my friends, i wouldn't have any issues, you know it?

but instead, i offer my advice and limited knowledge and understanding. and again, i get shit on. because apparently the truth is nothing more than charity, my contribution to the dregs of society.

and you know what? that's fine. that's just fine. you just go ahead and turn it around on me because you can't deal with what's really going on here.

i should have gone with my gut on this one - i had a feeling this would happen.

ps - thanks for ruining a really fantastic night for me. i appreciate that. i guess that's what assholes like you are for...

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