27 November 2006

i love neon lights.

there's nothing quite like getting drunk with your mom. and your brother. and your stepdad. but i didn't let that hold me back; in fact, it was her fault. she's the one that bought me the gallon size kamikaze mixed with hurricane. she's the one that made me drink it. i felt bad, it was expensive. so i bottoms-upped and they paid the price. everyone at the table wore shrimp legs and crab meat.

vegas is interesting. the lights are neat, the people are freaks. there's always something to do, even 24-hour bowling which i haven't been to yet. i've been to old vegas and to new vegas and i have yet to see elvis, except on slot machines where the fat bastard takes all my nickels and quarters. i've learned the hard way that 5$ machines are not my friends but i do dig the occasional 1$ machine for kicks. in general i prefer quarters. cor-tas. even though a max bet on a four reel machine really is a dollar, i still feel as though i'm being frugal. i came here with the intention of becoming rich and famous and i'm going home as un-rich and un-famous as i was when i arrived, but that's okay. it's been fun. tonight we're going to see the amazing johnathan and his sidekick psychic sandra. i hear it's a good show, even though roberto is the only one i've heard talking about it and he's a little biased; he's the one that bought the tickets.

my internal clock is all fcuked up. i'm sleeping until noon, iowa time and staying up til 0400 vegas time. it's going to be a difficult transition come wednesday morning.

i miss my kitties.

okay. time to go ride the gondola and drive hummers and find penguins in the desert. good day ladies and gents.

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