29 November 2006

i hella ♥ dsm

no. really.i snapped at a friend today. i don't think he initiated conversation with the intention of pissing me off but it didn't strike me well and then jumped down his throat and got all shitty real fast. it wasn't nice of me and i'm sorry i did it but i'm not in the mood to apologize just yet. i'm sort of reveling in the quiet that is mine, currently. as "quiet" as it can be around here, with the radio blasting and the tv blaring and the washing machine washing and the dryer drying and the cats hissing... it's actually not very quiet but it's my controlled chaos and mine alone.

besides, he's prolly already in bed, seeing as he has to get up at the absolute ass crack of dawn to go and be all deltamatic. but just in case you read this i am sorry i ripped your head off this afternoon. you didn't deserve it. i'm just being bitchy and crabby and there's really nothing you or anyone else can do to help.

these are my now non-existant vegas dollars.see these dollars? this is the largest jackpot i won while i was in vegas. sad, isn't it? i agree. i am soooo happy to be home, i can't even begin to explain it. vegas is exhausting, mentally, physically and financially. the lights and sounds played havoc on my senses and it took a while to detox from the contstant neon and bells and flashing lights. it felt good to come home; it smells better here than out there. perhaps if i'd gotten out of the city and the hubbub and noise i would have enjoyed the trip more. but instead my little mini-vacation left me all jacked up like somebody who drinks only red bull with a chaser of stacker 2. and i couldn't find any goddamn stacker 2 in nevada. but i didn't look that hard either. i'll bet its out there somewhere.

it's icing outside and the wind is howling. however, one upside to living on the freakin third floor is that my heat is currently off and it's still 66 degrees in here. yay for my neighbors below. crank it baby, i may have to open the windows in celebration of our first winter storm. isn't that neat? actually with my super efficient pella windows, i don't even have to open them in order to feel the cool, 27-degree winter breeze. fuckers don't hold back hardly any of the wind. pella windows suck. that's one thing i will agree with you on, dear reader of mine. how ever, these thin panes of glass do allow me to listen to the dumb bastards attempting to drive on the ice rink that is east 13th street. it's kind of fun. i'm on my third crash sound now...

bring back my hangers!apparently i've never had all my clothes clean at once, like i do right now, for i find that i do not have enough hangers to accomodate my wardrobe. which is strange, because like last week, i had not only enough hangers, but about 30 left over. where were all these alleged dirty clothes? or did someone steal all my extra hangers? come forth, you stingy bastard! and bring back my hangers! my closet is a freaking disaster area. its not a bad sized lil' closet, i just have a lot of clothes in there. and many of them are green. and pink. and red. and black. not a lot of brown, but some. and some blue. not very much orange or yellow or purple, though. i don't look that great in orange or yellow and purple is just not my bag. at. all. blecch. i have to wear blue to work so i try not to wear blue on my days off. but it's just a mess and it makes me crazy. when i first moved in, i had all my clothes arranged by type, color and style. now it's just a fucking pile of crap in the middle of a small room with some shelves and a door that i can close so i don't have to look at it. gahhh.

this saturday is the christmas party! free drinks to be had for all! oh, you say you're not drinking? order one anyway and pass it down, sucka! let no drink go unfinished, no alcohol be wasted, especially not of the free variety. i like free. if it's free, it's me. and then i'm sure the misty party wagon will be making a stop somewhere, somewhere close to my home, i hope, but i'm not going to be picky. this morning i thought i had a dream that she called and told me that she and missy were on their way to ankeny to rescue a cube van. the macguyver-ishthis is the ninja turtle version of the misty party wagon tools they had been given to complete their task consisted of 4 quarts of oil and a tow strap. and then the weird part happened. she advised that she is going out on friday with missy and the boys. aaack! then i realized it wasn't a dream and the entire situation was real, 4 quarts of oil, tow strap and all. i'm a little freaked out by this prospect. i think, and i'm still not sure but i can't think of a good reason why i would have imagined this except that maybe it really happened and i'm trying to imagine it didn't, that i was semi-molested in the back of a car last time that this situation came about. i'm generally smart enough to say no second time around, but it is the misty party wagon and it doesn't sound like bobfold will be around to drag her away and leave me at the mercy of the boys. i don't know. i'm still torn. maybe if i'm given 4 quarts of oil and a tow strap...

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