09 November 2006

who are you?

i love cheese pizza. it's like the bestest food in the whole wide world. i mean really, there is no bad pizza, but when i can choose, i choose cheese.

i have a confession to make. i've confessed to this already, but it doesn't make it any less heinous, in fact, what i'm about to tell you is even more embarassing. so last summer, late at night, in the dark, when no one was watching, i committed a terrible, terrible, awful sin. i watched a lindsey lohan movie. and i liked it. in fact, i liked it so much...omg, i can't believe i'm about to publicize this... last night, i bought mean girls on dvd. and i've watched it twice. i'm so ashamed.

you prolly thought i was going to admit some torrid affair, eh? ya, no such luck. not today. not ever.

i left work early tonight, 30 minutes early, with the hopes of getting home early enough to watch the office on the telly and not on itunes. but it didn't happen that way. too many things to do. i turned down an offer to go out tonight with the pals. i couldn't bear the idea of going drinking tonight. i just wanted to go home and veg and take cough syrup and watch movies. :D and that is what i'm doing. that's all i've been doing. that and laundry.

i have to work job #2 tomorrow. it's dollars, i know, but i would still like to sleep in. but, tomorrow afternoon is movie marathon day. i like movie marathon day. borat, for sure. and stranger than fiction. and there was something else i wanted to see but i can't remember what it was. i need to go to bed.

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