11 November 2006

i'd sell my soul for a playstation III

or i can give you 42$ towards the purchase of a playstation ii. whatever works best for you. just let me know. but you have to provide a couple of game for it, either way. deal? deal.

so last night we saw borat. it was awful. i haven't seen ugly, hairy naked men in that position for awhile, at least not in something rated for general audiences. it makes me shudder just thinking about it. but it was still good. and hilarious. roberto and i were going to see the new will ferrell movie too but the line was too long and the chocolate made my stomach sick. ugh...

score! my mom just bought me a playstation!!! rock the hell on. i rule. now i can play car games and battle games and burn my eyes out of my head playing video games. i am the shit.

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