06 November 2006

oh baby, oh baby

i'm sick. i'm dying. i wish i had someone here to watch over me, bring me water and kleenex and make sure i'm still breathing. someone to tell me i'm beautiful even though i'm sick and icky. oh baby, oh baby, you could be the one i dream about, the one i need.

so i mentioned i purchased a new dvd player, but i failed to mention the circumstances around bringing the dvd player home. it came in a box, obviously. a small cardboard box. a small cardboard box that said 'caution' and 'do not drop' and 'use care in opening', things like that. i know because i read it. i read it as i was walking up the stairs. i read it as i fell, on the box, as i was walking up the stairs. yup. it still works, it works quite well, but the box is all smashed up and shredded. and so is my knee. but i can watch dvds, goddamn it. and that was the entire point. except that now, while i watch dvds i have to ice my knee. but it will pass.

today i have done nothing but loaf. and it's felt good. i did shower. and i did get dressed. in fact, i even went to the ice cream store for lunch and got the mail. and then i came right back here and continued to loaf. i even got the good parking spot outside. rock the hell on. so far, i don't have any goals for tomorrow. perhaps i'll get up, perhaps i'll go to work. i'm undecided.

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