30 November 2006

pink is the new black.

at least it is this week. i can't make up my mind. i don't think the pink is a permanent decision but i'm in flux currently, not able to make important descisions. we'll see how long it lasts. the pink, i mean.

i love days like today at work. i walked in to find two cancelled dallas flights and every single stl flight cancelled today due to weather in stl. they got like a shit ton of ice. ord was surprisingly together today, a few were late but nothing out of the ordinary for ord. not like it will be tomorrow. and the thing is, i'm still looking forward to tomorrow. gosh, how could that be? oh right. i don't work tomorrow. suckers. hehehehehe.... it was nice here today. freezing fucking cold, but nice. the ice that accumlated outside last night must have melted as soon as the sun came up because it was dry on my way to work, which sucked, because I LEFT EARLY in anticipation of the bad roads. perhaps if i'd get out of bed early enough to watch the news i'd have known this, but oh well. so i got to pleasant hill like 15 minutos before i needed to be there so i stopped and got a chocolate milk because i ♥ chocolate milk.

chocolate milk that never expires. YUM.here's an interesting question. the chocolate milk i buy is nestle quik fat free skim chocolate milk. and so you know how when you buy milk at the store it's only good for like 10 days, 12 days max? the chocolate milk i bought this morning was good until 07jan07. it's not even december yet. how can that be? what's in my chocolate milk that keeps it from rotting like regular milk? does anyone know? i'm curious. maybe it's not really milk. people who don't drink skim milk would argue that it's not milk, it's white water. but i can't drink anything other than skim because it never tastes cold enough. i don't know; i can't explain it. stop giving me that look. but even if its not milk, they've done a good job disguising it as milk. i think it tastes like milk. yummy chocolate milk.

i'm thirsty. but not for chocolate milk. not right now.

other interesting things that occurred today:
  • i left work at 1800, which allowed me to come home and watch the office during it regularly televised time slot. this means that come tomorrow morning, i'm not at the mercy of those bastards that run itunes. yay!
  • i lost my glasses. i don't know where they are and yes, i have looked, and yes, i have retraced my steps. i know i had them yesterday, and i don't think i left the house until yesterday afternoon and i know i didn't have them in osky, so they have to be here or in my car or somewhere. i did go to the supermarket but i don't think i would have left them there so i'm sort of at a loss. if a lot of my words start coming out wrong, all misspelled and shit, it's not my fault. my eyes are tired and i'm partially fucking blind. no worries. this, however, is not a yay, it's a boo. so this negates the prior yay and now i'm back at zero.
  • i came clean to my mom about a situation that's been bothering me for a while now. major freaking yay. and she's still mad at him for being a shitty friend to her and not at all mad at me for being human. on the yay scale, this counts for two. yay! yay!
  • my boi from mke found me on yahoo! i can't wait to discuss life with mke boi, i've missed talking to him. it's been a long time since i've heard from him and he doesn't have a myspace so i'm trying to get him to join this century. more on this to come. yay! yay! yay!
  • i had a really great hair day today, at least until the wind got at it this afternoon. neither yay or boo, i sort of negated that one myself.
  • nigel and i are drinking all weekend. big yay.
tomorrow is 01dec. then it's only 24 days until christmas. i think it's time to make a christmas list. let's start with the impossible things first:
  1. a new 2006 pontiac gto. phantom black, please.
  2. a sugar daddy to pay off my student loans. no educating foreign kids to get them paid off. just do it for me. all in one lump sum. make the check out to iowa student loan, the money sucking bastards...
  3. incredibly heavy room-darkening curtains for my bedroom. or just a lot of black plastic bags, really thick ones, and some duct tape. (is it duck tape or duct tape? snackmaster bob calls it date tape. hmmm....)
  4. a new desk since my old one got adopted and had to move several counties away.
  5. those adidas with the color changing stripes.
  6. a year's supply of vitamin water, half the orange kind and half the dragonfruit kind.
  7. a tempur-pedic mattress. king size.
  8. a trust fund. so i don't have to work and i can lay all day - in the pitch black darkness of my bedroom - on my tempur-pedic mattress when i'm not driving around in my gto wearing my rad new adidias.
  9. someone to do my hair for me everyday. i love, love, love when other people do my hair and i don't have to mess with it. it always looks so much nicer.
  10. that tattoo for my back. the big one. but drug me up beforehand because that mother's going to hurt wicked bad.
  11. some cheese.
  12. the name and phone number of someone who wants to buy all my dumbass beanie babies and my dining room table. (takers?)
  13. the phone number for that one guy, you know, from that one place? and his undivided attention for say, 138 minutos. :D
okay. i'm tired. going to bed now. oh hell, i have the hiccups. gahhhh.

okay. good night. i mean it now.

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