18 November 2006

frankenstein and pickle juice.

here i sit at job #2.

i'm sick as a dog and full of greasy cheesesticks and pizza. i drank too much last night and i learned, the hard way, not to ever mix orange juice and pickle juice again. ever. the shot was called a sam hill whore or something to that effect and it was yummy. it's a shot of jack followed, very quickly, with a shot of pickle juice. it's good shit. but i'd just finished a fuzzy navel and the combination is enough to make me vomit.

in fact, i did vomit this morning. right after i got my second nose ring ripped out. i don't know if i'm just not meant for facial jewelry or if i'm just a moron, but for the time being i'm done poking holes in my face. i sort of forgot it was there and wiped my face off with a bath towel as i got of the shower and pulled the sucker right out. not even 12 hours old and it's already gone. i suck. (actually i don't.)

but the pain and the blinding headache i already had made me vomit and it was red and i forgot that i drank 75 percent of a pitcher of margaritas and for a brief moment i thought i was dying, that i must have a terrible bleeding ulcer. then it occurred to me that it was just strawberries and i was going to live and the insanity of the entire thought process cracked me up and i laughed so hard i barfed again.

so this morning, the misty party wagon drove my stupid ass back to knoxville so i could get my car, go home, and get un-smelly in order to come to job #2. we talked on the ride up but my voice sounded like phil hartman in the old snl's where he played frankenstein and i can't stop thinking about that skit where tonto, tarzan and frankenstein are singing christmas carols. i looked for that video on youtube and couldn't find it. and i thought youtube had everything. sorely mistaken.

i believe i drunk dialed a couple of people that i wish i hadn't. stuff like that comes back to haunt you. well, maybe not you, but it comes back to haunt me all the damn time.

it's been a quiet day, thank god. today is the day the whippy dip closes for the year, which is sad, but the thought of ice cream makes my stomach churn. it's prolly a good thing i am working today, otherwise i'd be scarfing ice cream and regretting it later.

ya ya. cancun. dolly can be such a flake, don't get me wrong, i love her to pieces, but the plans for cancun were made prior to realizing that she has beauty school finals that week and she can't get away. so we're not going to cancun...right now. i think we'll go in january, which is perfect because i have vacation in january. so instead of cancun, i'm taking the family to vegas, which will be perfectly crazy. in all honesty, we've never had a real family vacation, like where we fly somewhere faraway and do weird family things. this ought to be interesting.

roberto and i went movie marathoning yesterday. we watched stranger than fiction. that really doesn't count as a movie marathon, one movie, does it? hmmmm... but it was good. not what i expected, really, but still good. i forgot my debit card, and not on purpose, i swear. he bought me a novel to help me get through final fantasy 12. it's kicking my arse. the book maps out everything i have to do and everyone i have to fight. i'm going to conquer this game, never mind that it's going to take me 12 years to do it and when i'm done, they'll be releasing playstation XXV and final fantasy 36. it will be mine. oh yes. it will be mine.

i'm tired. i want to go to bed. maybe i'll be back to write more later. maybe not.

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